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Rescheduling Types

Factors which involve need to reschedule are covered here along with the affected potential expiration date.


There are two types of rescheduling events.  One such type of rescheduling is a result of you the customer.  We refer to this type as "Customer Requested".  The other type comes as a result of Mother Nature which we call "Weather related".

Customer Requested Rescheduling

We understand that on occasion, life happens which require a customer's need to reschedule their Air Adventure Aloft flight.  All customers are allowed to reschedule for any reason one time with no penalties or questions asked.  In the event you have already rescheduled once and an emergency arises which would require an additional rescheduling, contact us as soon as possible and we can discuss your options. 


All customers needing to reschedule must be done via phone call or email at least 72 hours in advance.  Emergency situations are excluded from this requirement.   

Weather Related Flight Cancellations 

We do everything in our power not to inconvenience customers whom have a confirmed scheduled date.  This is especially true within 72 hours of the confirmed flight scheduled date.  However, there are occasions that Mother Nature does not cooperate and it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled flight due to weather.  In such instances, we view this rescheduling as a neutral event.  It simply means that the need to reschedule is needed.  In simple terms, it resets the scheduling process.


***Affected expiration dates is covered under Expiration Policies.***

Expiration Policies
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