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We are as passionate today as when it all began over a quarter of a century ago.  We have experienced hot air ballooning in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.  That doesn't include flying all over the United States.  We have enjoyed exposing thousands of people to the sport and we look forward to serving your desire to begin your Air Adventures.  Rather you are here in North Texas or living elsewhere, let us explore if hot air ballooning might become a passion of yours.

           BALLOON RIDES


Our name says it all!  Air Adventures Aloft.  Call us to begin your adventure.  We are happy to share any information you need to understand how to treat yourself or someone you care to entertain with a balloon flight.  We offer private flights, group flights, marriage proposal flights, wedding flights or just about any other reason your imagination can dream up.  Birthdays, Gifts or Anniversary to name a few.


We offer to come to your site and inflate one of our balloons.  An inflated Balloon quickly draws a crowd.  Bring attention to your business or special event through the use of a "Tethered" balloon.  School promotions, corporate meetings and seminars.  Fundraising, education and good will.  In addition, let us show you how to use a balloon to bring "value added" benefits to your already existing marketing plans.



Have you been thinking that owning a balloon and learning to fly might be in your future?  Give us a call and we can help you through the process of buying the balloon that is right for you.  At a very minimum, we can consult for you to insure you are happy with your purchase. 


Rather you have your own equipment or want to rent ours, we can teach you fly.  We insure that you obtain the very best instruction available anywhere on your way to obtaining your pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration thus allowing you to pilot in command a balloon.



We have a vast amount of experience helping start balloon festivals for cities and communities.  We have provided consulting for existing events to help identify and improve problem areas the organization is struggling with.  We can provide management services for any aspect of your festival.  Give us the opportunity to provide you with the expertise you've been looking for.

           CREW TRAINING 


Some people get involved in the sport of ballooning by volunteering thier time to come out and "Crew" on a balloon flight.  This is especially good for those that enjoy photography, have a fear of heights or simply want to check out how a balloon works.  We can train you and help you advance in your interest as a volunteer.  Crew on enough flights and you will find yourself earning a ride..

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