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Scheduling Done Via Email

All of our scheduling is confirmed through email.  There are a lot of reasons we do it this way, but creating a written record simply keeps us organized and allows us to be efficient.  You will find that we respond very quickly.  Especially during office hours.  You should never find that it takes us more than a day to respond to any matter you contact us with.  This includes Scheduling.

Once Scheduled - What to Expect

Once you have that hard date set, unless you have a question or request, the next time you hear from us will be approximately 48 hours in advance of your flight.  While long range weather forecast can give any of us an idea of what the weather on a given day is, we use aviation weather forecast to begin our preperation and planning for our flights.  It is not until 48 hours in advance that we have a reliable picture of the weather conditions.  In addition, it is our routine.  There are times of the year that we know further in advance.  And there are times that we might be on the fence concerning flyability.  Just trust that weather is a big portion of what we consider as a strength and the number one factor in all of our safety.


The 48 hour contact will come via email.  It will confirm not only your flight schedule approaching, but gives what we all hope is a thumbs up to continue tracking towards a successful flight.  There are some days that it is obvious that the weather is just not going to be condusive for safe flight.  When this occurs, we let you know to reschedule.  Of course it could simply let you know that we are not yet 100% sure and we will wait one more 24 hour period to make that call on a go/no go decision.


There is usually at least one other contact we make.  That coming approximately 18-24 hours in advance of our scheduled meeting time.  This is where we lay out and communicate our meeting time and location.  

Our Meeting Points

We set our meeting point about 18 to 24 hours in advance of a flight.  Balloons are not allowed to fly too close to the DFW or Dallas Love airports.  Our flying area surrounding the DFW metroplex is some of the most complex airspace in the country.  In order to make the time you spend with us most efficient, we plan on a meeting place that is either close to our launch point or close to our anticipated landing point.  That is all dependent on the wind direction which can only be known 18-24 hours in advance of a flight.  


Once we know which direction the balloon drift will be, we can plan a starting point from one of many launch sites we have around the metroplex.  We meet at a public commercial retail place of business that is close to one of the highway exits.  If needed, we can send you an address to plug into your GPS.  Just know that 18-24 hours in advance of your flight, you will have all the information you need to start your Air Adventure Aloft with us.

When Balloons Fly

If you want to become a balloon weather guru, start with the simple way to know what we are looking for.  When you watch the weather on television and they show the location of fronts, areas of rain, snow and other weather conditions, simply look for that Big Blue H!


We fly under the influence of High Pressure.  The best conditions are when an area of High Pressure gets centered over the top of North Texas.  


For the intermediate student of balloon flying weather, we don't want any precipitation and we want the ability to know the winds will remain 10 mph for launch and landing.  In addition, we need to know or have relative certain expectations that the winds 200-300 feet above the ground will not be moving at such speeds as to create low level wind shears.  


Part of what makes balloon flight so special is the conditions that are required to fly them in.  Some customers get their balloon flight on the originally scheduled day.  Those that book a flight in the middle of winter might have to reschedule more than twice to find that good weather day.  Simply know that all any of us can do is plan a flight and when the weather is good, go fly.  No one wants to fly as much as we do.  After 32 years, watching the joy balloon flight brings to our customers never gets old.

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