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How to Schedule your Air Adventure Aloft                

Scheduling your Air Adventure Aloft can be done via phone call or email.  For the personal touch, give us a call at 214-494-9930 and we will find a date which will work for you.  If email is your preferred method, send us an email ( and we will respond almost immediately, but no later than close of business provided your email comes in prior to 3 p.m. Central time. 


The first choice you will need to make is the type of scheduling which fits your need the best.  Scheduling types are as follows:


   Confirmed Flight Scheduling

   Soft Scheduling (First Available or Will Call)


Every customer who flies with us will ultimately move onto our Confirmed Flight Schedule.  However, if you do not have a specific date in mind, we offer our customer with maximum flexibility.  We can place you on our Soft Flight Schedule (First Available and Will Call) and both types of scheduling are explained below.

Confirmed Flight Scheduling

Confirmed Flight Scheduling is a set calendar date.  This is the date that you expect to meet us to go fly and experience your Air Adventure Aloft.  It is possible that you had a date in mind when you purchased your Air Adventure Aloft.  In other cases, your Air Adventure Aloft was given to you as a gift or  possibly purchased during a promotional sale without having a specific date in mind.  No matter what preference was chosen, in order to fly with us, you will need to get on our Confirmed Flight Schedule.


Once you are ready, contact us by phone or email.  Be prepared to provide us with a desired date.  We will let you know if it is available.  In the event that it is not available, you will have the option of being put on the standby list for that specific date.  While cancelations are rare, they do happen.  If another customer cancels, we will contact you to confirm your desire for that date.


If your requested date is unavailable, we will offer you options for the next closest date.  Please refer to   When We Fly  for further information.  We will also explore the next available date, the next available weekend date or holiday date.  Finally, you have the choice to move to our Soft Flight Schedule for a later date as explained below.

Soft Scheduling (First Available or Will Call)

An alternative to setting any specific date is what we refer to as Soft Scheduling.  There are two types of Soft Scheduling.  (Will Call or First Available).  Both offer the customer flexibility in deciding when to take their Air Adventure Aloft.  


Will Call SchedulingThis type of scheduling works best for customers that have purchased an Air Adventure Aloft flight but do not have a specific date in mind.  As a company, we excel in communication with our customers.  In our soft scheduling program we are always watching the weather forecast.  We review the weather forecast each day and determine when a flyable weather window exist.  If  we have available passenger space, we send out an email to the customers who are on our Soft Schedule.  If you are ready to take the upcoming date, call us as soon as possible and you will be placed on the Confirmed Flight Schedule for that date and flight period.  Will Calls are taken in a first come, first served basis.     


First Available SchedulingThis type of scheduling is best for customers that are ready to take their Air Adventure Aloft flight as soon as possible.  Customers that have had a Confirmed Date canceled because of weather sometimes fit in this category.  Customers who are using their flight as a wedding proposal often chose this option.  


If you let us know that you are flexible to short term scheduling, we can add you to our email list for customers who are willing to consider taking their flight with two to ten days' notice.  Like the Will Call Scheduling, when we see the weather forecast showing a flyable weather window and available passenger space, we send out an email to ALL of our customers who have indicated they want to be informed of this possibility.  If the upcoming window works for you, notify us of your desire to fly as soon as possible. Open flights are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Upon contacting us, you are then on our Confirmed Flight Schedule.


***  WARNING:  The maximum time allowed to remain on the soft schedule is 120 days.  Refer to expiration date policies! ***




Rescheduling Policies
Expiration Policies
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