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Gift Certificates, Vouchers and  Purchase Policies

Air Adventures Aloft flights begin with the purchase which occurs in one of three ways.  They are purchases made either directly from our company or from an online marketing company offering an occasional sale offered on our behalf.  Groupon or Living Social are both acceptable sources for purchase in conjunction with our company.


Gift Certificates can only be purchased directly from us.  Sale purchases are for Vouchers and come from a Third Party Marketing firm such as Goupon or Living Social.  In this day and age, online purchases make up the majority of our business.  There are many positives to the internet such as passive marketing and the ability to communicate information and educate the customer.  We view both Groupon and Living Social as viable options.

*** We DO NOT  accept Flight Tickets sold by any other 3rd Party Broker or Companies such as "Soaring Adventures of America".  If you are in the process of exploring purchasing a balloon ride, we encourage you to educate yourself with any potential company.  We have worked hard to share our passion and the sport of Ballooning with the public.  However, there is an alarming increase in the numbers of the general public who have had a negative experience with certain companies.  As with many aspects of the internet, fraud is possible.  Ask a simple question, "Does your company own the balloons or Can I speak with the actual pilot? ***


*** Once you purchase a gift certificate or purchase a scheduled flight from us, all sales are final.  In addition, deposits placed on groups, special arrangements are also non-refundable past 24 hours.  Just like non-refundable airfares, once sold or booked, all sales are final.  If weather prevents us from flying, we simply reschedule.***



Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are perfect gifts for Birthdays, Christmas or loved ones.  Especially if you know that taking a flight aloft in a hot air balloon is on their bucket list.  Gift Certificates can be purchased only directly from us.  They are available for the full cost of an entire Air Adventure Aloft or can be purchased in an incremental amount to offset the purchase.   In this manner, three to four separate individuals can purchase a partial certificate to give a parent, sibling or friend.  This allows flexibility for several family members or friends to share in the joy of giving of an Air Adventure Aloft.    


Gift Certificates have an expiration date of 180 days from purchase.  Please refer to Expiration Policies for additional information.  Contact us for any additional questions concerning purchase of a Gift Certificate.


Vouchers are authorized purchases marketed on our behalf by companies such as Groupon or Living Social.  Everyone loves a sale including us.  From time to time we combine marketing efforts for our business purposes.  During such times we will be the first to tell you purchasing through them may be in your best interest.


Vouchers are  redemed once the purchaser calls or emails to give us schedule preferences.  They are fully redeemed under any of the following conditions:


     1)  90 days from purchase if we have not been contacted or you have failed to respond to our efforts to contact you.

     2)  Once we have made contact, Upon completion of the Air Adventure Aloft Flight or

     3)  At the conclusion of any other Air Adventure Aloft Expiration Policy.  Please refer to Expiration Policies to learn more.


It is acknowledged that Groupon, Living Social or your credit card company maintains their own refund policies.  Failure on your part to meet the conditions and avoid expiration policies or any other Air Adventures Aloft general rules shall not be grounds for complaints or refund request resulting from your own negligence or failure to meet our general rules of conduct.  General rules of conduct can be found under the section Expiration Policies.



Expiration Policies
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