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About Us

With Over 16,500 Hours of total flight time, 32 Years in the Balloon Industry and a passion for the sport, begin your Air Adventures by calling to find out why we are capable of fulfilling your dreams if they involve hot air balloons.  Here is some additional information About Us.

Harold "Bubba" Cliver is a professional pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.  Flying both Airplanes and Balloons compliment an experience level that is unmatched. 
To the Balloon World, he is known as "Bubba".  It just fits better.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a resident of North Texas since 2000. 
With a vast experience in the Hot Air Balloon Industry, and a focus on customer service, your interactions with his personable style should come as a added benefit to your Air Adventure.


Balloon Rides can be scheduled year around, weather permiting.  Two possible flight times are possible.  Morning Flights occur close to sunrise. 

Tip: Morning flights are highly recommended over the evening flights.   Winds are gentler and more predictable at sunrise and coupled with cooler temperatures during the hotter months, your experience will be more comfortable.


We offer group rides (3 or more), private flights (couples), engagement proposals, wedding ceremonies or special request.



We offer Hot Air Balloon Sales for new or used equipment.  We can help you find a balloon that fits your budget in addition to help you determine what type of balloon might be right for you.


We have experience in Hot Air Balloon Festival management and consulting.  Everything from turn-key events to simply helping you solve or improve your event. 


Flight Training.  From Student through Commercial Pilot, take us up on our guarantee that there is no better place to learn.  Your balloon or ours, we can get you flying!

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